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This site is the spot for all the 6 Week Jumpstart fun! Here you will find motivation, my personal tips for creating and sticking to daily healthy routines, the actual workouts and meal plans I used to get in shape and healthy even as a busy mom and business owner, and links to other facets of my life! I am not a fitness trainer or nutritionist. I am a real mom with a chaotic messy life that still wanted to be fit and sexy even while busy and on a budget. so sharing how i did it has been an amazing part of my journey!



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So....Why is it called TSquaredApparel? Because I have a dream to start a fitness line with super comfy, greatly functional and more affordable fitness clothing starting with sports bras and shorts. I have always struggled finding workout clothes that fit how I wanted, withstood time, and didn't cost a fortune. So the name is for the future line 😉